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The Truth


The Truth About Virgin Unprocessed Hair

First, there is a myth that needs to be dispelled and clarified, and may we do so with the utmost respect and courtesy. Everyone has the SAME amount of cuticles in their hair. It is a myth, a false rumor and a misleading sales ploy that African American Hair, Black Hair, Asian Hair, Indian Hair, Chinese Hair and so many others have different amount of cuticles which contribute to how curly each respective hair is. Salesman have used these false facts to boast about how much more cuticle one hair has than the other, leading one to believe they are getting more healthier or virgin hair. That is false and has never had any amount of truth to it. Truthfully, according to Proctor and Gamble, one of the largest companies in the world responsible for bringing you such brands as Johnson & Johnson, Colgate, Palmolive, Unilever, Nestle and so much more, we only have certain data as to what causes hair to be curly, but not as to why or how it is genetically encoded. This brings us to a very significant and important point. Virgin Unprocessed Brazilian Hair, or any hair for that matter NEVER comes in a perfect Body Wave, nor does hair ever have any consistent and perfect recurring shape to it, so any time you see any claims of that, it is untrue.


Another sales ploy is selling hair according to how soft the hair is and the silky feeling that gives the impression of being healthy, which is false. Any unwanted cuticles that have been damaged can be burned off as to give the impression that the hair is healthy and soft and silky. “Burning” off the cuticle in this manner will dramatically decrease the life of the hair and if done to any strong degree, will cause the hair to lose its cuticle and later make the hair conducive to tangling and shedding.


Some have even claimed that the hair that they carry has only been cut washed and imported into the United States. If it were only so easy…The United States has an incredibly strict code of health monitored by several Federal Agencies including the US Department of Health and Human Services (UHH), The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), FDA, FAA, FTD and so many more. The reason, even though some of these departments like the FDA normally deals with Food and Drugs, the import of products from Foreign Countries that can include certain bacteria, fungus, infections, etc. can be on your cuticles and hair. Imagine having the claim of someone cutting hair from someone who has lice, ticks, and furthermore and worse, hepatitis and other transmittable diseases. Just washing hair from some individual does not kill these bacteria and viruses, which is why the idea and claim of just cutting someone’s hair off and bringing it to you is implausible, unbelievable and more importantly, very illegal.


Therefore, we only sell and carry the best of Virgin Hairs that have undergone incredible scrutiny, examination, and the proper import procedure such as fumigation certificates and proper care. (f.y.i Fumigation does not refer to the typical definition that we understand it to be in terms of eliminating pests, though it does refer to the high standards of importation that the United States provides for the protection of their citizens. From this incredible and tedious work is from which is the reason why every pack comes with a full guarantee and warranty.



Straight Malaysian Hair

Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. It consists of 13 states and 3 Federal Territories, and with a total population of only 39 Million total people, of that women whereby less than <1% actually sell their hair for profitable reasons, therefore it is a far reaching and incredibly implausible idea that the women of Malaysia, especially those willing to sell their hair, would be available in such large and available quantities as to supply the entire world. The country’s main exports are rubber and palm oil, and the availability of hair is scarce and an industry that has only been recently explored. Currently there is only one small charter company that deals with hair from Malaysia located in Kuala Lumpur. It is incredibly and highly doubtful that so many vendors and businesses in the US claim to have such a rare commodity.


Therefore, you have to ask yourself if your Malaysian hair is truly Malaysian Hair. If so, it must have come from a licensed representative and must absolutely have come with a 3-month warranty at the very least and should only be sold in grams, not by ounces, which is usually a dead giveaway as to where the hair really came from. It should also be able to stand up to multiple colorings, cold washes, blow dries, and should have completely shown a standard that other hairs should only wish to emulate. The hair is soft and supple to the touch, and should be full of cuticles as opposed to burned off cuticles to only give the appearance of being healthy. There are only a few licensed representatives within the entire US, and we are one of them.


Brazilian Body Wave

Brazil is an incredibly large country, and is close to the size of the entire United States. However, hair is not readily sold in this market nor is it readily available as the market in and of itself.

True Brazilian Hair resembles African American Hair. True Brazilian Hair is kinky and curly and the cuticle arrangement and cysteine bonds should be very close to the kinky curly look of black hair. It is far from the sot body wave, soft wave, ocean wave or whatever wave form that many claim that it comes in.

Brazilian Body Wave was actually taken from the idea and the weave that many Brazilians use, which is Indian Hair. Indian Hair is a major export of Brazil and the weave itself is widely used by many within the country. Because the Brazilian hair is so close to African American Hair, there are many there that use weave just the same way that we use weave here in the America’s.

You will find that the Brazilian Loose Body Wave is the only wave we carry, as any other wave or curl in any pattern would require more chemical solutions to obtain the desired curl. Hair is not naturally nor is it perfectly curly, therefore for any bundle of hair to be perfectly wavy, curly, etc., it would take a proportionate amount of chemical solution treatment for it to maintain that curl. This is the way that every major and minor hair manufacturer induces the curls that you have seen in every Beauty Supply Store across the US. We should know, we continue to have one of the largest and most formidable presences in the Beauty Supply and Black Hair Industry. We are also responsible for the massive Cuticle Remy XQ Hair Battle and Style Expo with celebrity ties to Toya Carter, Kandi Burress, Kelly R