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We here at MiMi Beauty Corp, the parent company of GE Productions and this site is comprised of business professionals to beauty supply pioneers to models to the directors of the largest hair companies in the world. One special officer is Jocelyn Davis, the Model Director of the Cuticle Remy XQ Hair Battle and Style Expo. She brings experience and the ability to personally and have a majority of professional celebrity stylists test out our hair.


Our team is dedicated to making every shopping experience the best and most amazing that you have ever had. We always guarantee 100% satisfaction in every aspect of your shopping experience. Not only is every bundle of hair guaranteed for at least 3 months, each individual here from the Executive President to the Customer Support Staff will be more than happy to personally guide you through your shopping experience. In fact, you will find at many times the President will be on the computers or phones to personally help and explain every detail that you wish to have explained!


We here at MiMi Beauty Corp will go through an length to make sure that YOU are happy with your purchase and are confident that you will be wearing our hair for years to come!