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Hair Grading

It is incredibly important to know what grade of hair you are getting, where it comes from and whether it is truly 100% Human Hair. Did you know by law, you are allowed to call something 100% Human Hair even though there are certain foreign elements to help fill the hair, coat the hair, or even preserve the hair? Further, the entire bundle of hair that you have may contain only 85% of true Human Hair and still be marketed as 100% Human Hair. Further down the ladder, you have to be careful of those who market just Human Hair, and not 100% Pure Human Hair. The term Human Hair can be used to describe the hair, more specifically, you have seen packs throughout Beauty Supply Stores that say 100% Human Hair “Quality” or just say Human Hair, when the actual content of Human Hair can really be as low as 10%. This is verifiable through several tests we have done first hand.


The most important part of knowing what kind of hair you have is normally determined by what grade of hair you truly have. Most of what is being sold in the market is only Grade A, and rightfully so since that is the most readily available hair on the market today. There are actually only Four (4) Grades of hair. Contrary to what Chinese Manufacturers, Intermediary Suppliers (knock off factories) or other fly-by-night companies may say to get someone’s business, there is no such thing as 5A (Quintuple A), 6A, 7A, 8A, 10A, 12A, 20A, 100A or anything of that sort, period! Soon you will likely here of 1,000 A hair…


In truth, there are only 4 grades of hair that were originally arbitrary as they were really for the manufacturer’s use to identify the hair’s cuticle integrity and human hair % integration, A, AA, AAA, AAAA. Double A is usually the better grades of hair that are being used and marketed by the smaller firms in the market that have no problem ordering over 1,000,000 pieces of hair. This type of hair will feel somewhat soft and will be a mix or whole form of medium to good grade Indian, Chinese and/or Indonesian Hair. And no, there is no real market for Mongolian Hair, Armenian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Eurasian Hair, Swedish Hair, Cambodian, Burmese, and so on and so on…. anyone will label anything a new type of hair to make a buck. There are no such types of hair in the market. Firstly, countries like Burma, now called Myanmar are countries that we have just started opening negotiations with because of their atrocious human rights records…therefore, there is no way in any capacity that we have any market for Myanmar (Burmese) Hair. Truthfully, the higher grades normally determine the dearth or scarceness of that specific hair as that will equate to how much of that bundle, rather that batch of hair (thousands of grams), is consistent of real human hair. So there is no such thing as so many of these country’s Hair Weave, anyone who says otherwise is outright lying, wrong, or misleading the consumer for profits.


AAA Hair will always come with a 3-6-month warranty, and some will carry a longer warranty based upon its base classification. Finally, you will find 4A, Quadruple A, Hair. That hair is a very limited class and normally consists only of Single Donor or of a very Limited Donor Base, such as French made Indian, Malaysian and Russian (Northern Ukraine) Hair. There is no Korean Hair or Japanese Hair on the market in weft form. As you know, these countries are high per capita income countries. And with that per capita and disposable income presence, there is no need to sell hair to make a living or cultivate hair for sustenance. That is why you will never see Quadruple A hair bundles in large supply in the open market. It just does not exist in that quantity. If you hear any claims otherwise, once again We carry it only in very minimal quantities, and even with our incredible reach to the manufacturers, the cost starts at $1200 per 90-100 grams. And Quadruple A will always come with a minimum of a 1 Full Year Unlimited Warranty, always.


So fear not, we mainly carry and sell 2 different types of hair, and special order 1 other type (and we just started carrying a good quality introductory hair). We specialize in and carry AAA and AAAA Hair so you will have at the very least a 3 FULL Month Warranty. That means absolutely NO Shedding, Tangling, Matting or any factory defect. We have been intensely monitoring our hair and the lowest, not mean or highest, average time of use is at least 1½-2 years for our AAA hair. For our higher-grade hair, we have been witnessing an average use of about 4-6 years. We completely stand behind our warranty and have a no questions asked 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and of course a no questions asked warranty replacement so long as you follow the directions and moderately put forth effort to take care of your hair.