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Donor Asian Straight Hair- 100% Cuticle Virgin Unprocessed Hair


Thank you for choosing to inquire about our incredible, true Grade AAAA (Quadruple A) Hair. AAAA Grade Hair is a very select group of hair, the highest grade available; (if you refer to our “Truth” Page) you now know there is no such thing is 5A, 6A, 7A, 12A or 20A. We have packs that say 12A and wigs that say 20A…completely ridiculous. First, the A grading system were arbitrary grades that were meant for the distinction for manufacturers and not consumers, so all these completely ridiculous grades above AAAA claimed by Intermediary Suppliers, not even manufacturers, mean absolutely nothing. They are nothing more than marketing gimmicks that mislead and/or have completely misled the consumer base and caused nothing but misinformation and jaded experiences.


This particular hair, however, is only available by special order and only available for and by a licensee. We keep a very limited stock on hand, these are one of the best cuticle bundle hairs available and is the very same hair that we provide our VIP and Celebrity clienteleused by our numerous Platinum Recording Artists across all music spectrums, models and our Civic leaders. Coming from a true donor base only and backed by a FULL 6 Month Warranty, this hair will be incredibly natural. Soft and supple to the touch, no silicone or polyurethane/urethane derivative coating as most, if not almost all, other brands have; this hair will have open cuticles and also have uni-directional cuticles. This ensures that your hair cuticles will not catch on each other and tangle. The single biggest determining factor to tangling is sloppy cuticle arrangement, fusing, and haphazard coating of hair as most companies sell hair that has been donated or kept in un-accounted and unorganized mounds of hair from groups of over a few hundred to even a few thousand people. This leads to hair that must be chemically altered, fused and induced to appear or give the appearance to the consumer as if the cuticles are unidirectional.


Our hair is only comprised of limited donor group from only a select handful of monitored and screened donor base of people, and the bundles are kept organized so that the cuticles maintain its direction and that its distinction can be made.


We are proud to bring to you an amazing straight hair bundle consisting of 100 grams of unprocessed*, pristine, and uncoated hair. Each bundle is fully guaranteed and warrantied to meet your highest expectations. Though the hair is soft and supple and may be quite soft and healthy, the hair will maintain its health through constant cold/warm and hot washes, uses and our clients have informed us that the hair actually gets better with age. For those of you who love natural hair, the more the hair is teased and worn, the more versatile the hair is. The health of the hair is unparalleled, so it will have a good amount of memory as any healthy hair will. Meaning, should you the curl the hair with a wand, bubble wand, vertical wand, curling iron, flat iron, etc. (even though we discourage the more classical stove/marcel irons as marcel type tools will damage the cuticles), the curls will hold but will go back to its form, whether you purchase straight or wavy as time passes (normally over the course of a day or so). That is the way real hair acts. Contrary to what may seem like a good sign that a hair would hold a curl for numerous days, that is actually a sign that the hair is embedded with animal hair or Futura (or Futura II) type heat safe fibers.



Note: As you can see, AAAA hair only comes in (12”) to 14-26 (sometimes only 14” as 12” is only harvested from a donor when inches of hair of that specific length are available at the time of yielding.) Because hair is garnered from only a handful of individuals, and each bundle from a single donor, to truly have 100% pure, pristine and unprocessed whole hair, only certain lengths are available as to guarantee healthy supple hair. Any longer and the cuticle will have trouble driving moisture throughout the entire length of the hair. Therefore, any true AAAA-AAA grade hair will not come longer than 26” long. Any longer and the grade will drop to AA or even A.


Please note: There is no such thing as 5A-6A-7A-8A-12A-20A (we actually carry bundles in store that have those designations), etc., it is just like claiming there is Burmese Hair, Peruvian Hair, Filipino Hair, Armenian Hair, Eurasian Hair etc…simply, there is just NO such thing.




14” 169.99

16” 179.99

18” 189.99

20” 199.99

22” 209.99

24” 219.99

26” 229.99


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