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We are incredibly pleased and honored to bring to you the utmost, pristine Virgin Unprocessed Hair available in the world today, and moreover, we fully guarantee that any hair purchased from us will surpass your every expectation! Not only do we fully guarantee its exceptional quality, it is an unparalleled action on the part of the elite manufacturer and it’s licensed seller (us) to warrant a full 100% satisfaction guarantee further complemented and thoroughly, fully backed by a Three (3) to Six (6) month warranty. (90-180 Day Warranty) You read correctly, we are so confident of the hair that you are purchasing and entrusting us with that we are fully guaranteeing and giving a full warranty with your purchase! Absolutely no tangling, shedding, matting or any problems; all we ask is that you follow the care that anyone would with their own hair, we will also provide a care sheet as well, with just a bit of an extra effort since the cuticle(s) is/are not attached to your roots whereby moisture is constantly provided. We know very well that there are over a thousand different sites offering to sell you hair with false claims and exorbitant expectations that they very well know the hair is incapable of meeting. Furthermore, hair is being sold in back alleys and out of trunks and boxes without any verification of what type of hair you are buying. Imagine the dangers that you are exposing yourself too, with the possibility of transmiting diseases, bacteria, lice and worse!


First off, there are many myths and misconceptions that we will clear up for your in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, and we will be brutally honest and be completely upfront and truthful about the hair market, its tactics, its misleading marketing and its false advertising along with their cleverly disguised misrepresentations. Hair has become a very precious “commodity,” and contrary to some of the information given in films such as “Good Hair”, the Hair Industry far exceeds $10 Billion in Revenues. Further, there is an imbalance in supply and demand, which is why you see such an influx of subpar hair being sold with glamorous and sparkling distractions to hide the true quality of the hair being sold by other vendors. With over a 100 years of combined experience between the staff here both in Research & Development and the Customer Support Team, you are ensured a very easy and wonderful transaction with the most luxurious, plush, and pure Virgin Unprocessed Human Hair you can find today.


Please let us help serve you in any way, and should you have any questions, we would be more than happy to explain to you in thorough detail to clear up any reservations you may have. We hope your experience will be a wonderful one, and we guarantee it!